COVID-19 Protocol

Updated June 11th, 2021
Please know this is subject to change.


Due to crowded exam areas and small numbers of staff members, veterinary clinics continue to take reasonable precautions against COVID-19 exposure. Our goal at Curbside Care is to provide excellent veterinary care for our patients, while protecting the health of ourselves, our clients, and our small business. Your participation, honesty, and kindness is appreciated.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday by appointment only.

We will be re-starting our Thursday vet tech visits in July.

Staff Precautions

Dr. Zaring and all staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

We continue to take precautions, both at work and in our personal lives, to avoid high-risk situations.

Visit Protocols

If you have flu-like symptoms, fever, coughing, sore throat or potential exposure, we ask that you reschedule your appointment. 

**Vaccinated pet owners are welcome on board the mobile clinic.**

If you are not yet vaccinated, please inform us. One masked, unvaccinated pet owner will be allowed on board the clinic with their pet, and our staff will also be masked. Social distancing is required.

We will limit staff time inside client homes. When at all possible, pets will be examined on board the mobile clinic.

– Dogs must be on a short leash, and cats need to be in a secure carrier.

– If you need help getting your pet out to the clinic, we can assist you.

Masks are required for all in-home vet tech visits.

In-home euthanasia appointments:  Limit the number of people present and try to follow social distancing guidelines. Due to the intimate nature of pet euthanasia, everyone needs to be masked.



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